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Bola Guda Ashram

This ashram is situated 5km from the Sri Swami Madhavananda Ashram in Nipal, Pali district. At this place Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji did special tapasya (ascetism) of going without sleep for 12 years. Also at this place, Sri Mangilal Ji achieved Atma Gyana.


Bhagawan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji and his successor Sri Swami Madhavanandaji.

One of the rare photos (painted version) made during the 12 years sadhana in Bola Guda Ashram.

The following story is an excerpt from Lila Amrit, the story is repeated even today by Sri Shankar Singh, who was a child at the time this happened:

Satsang on Krishna's Birthday at Bola Guda

Mahaprabhuji was staying at the Bola Guda Ashram at the time of Janmashtami festival, the celebration for the occasion of God Krishna's birthday. On this festival the merchant Seth Rup Chandaji from Bhiwalia and his family, as well as Thakur Bhur Singhji and Pandit Jiva Rajaji from Jait Singh Guda, all wanted to go and see Mahaprabhuji.

In the evening they left their homes and travelled by oxcart to Bola Guda. Their way was through a river bed which, though normally dry, was then in flood due to the monsoon. The animals and heavy cart began to sink in the water and be carried along by the strong current. Fearing for their lives, the devotees loudly called to Mahaprabhuji for his help.

"Lord, if you're unable to save us from this river, what hope do we have in crossing the ocean of ignorance? Please don't let us drown in this flood. We are on our way to see you!"

And from the depths of their hearts, together they sang the mantra,


"OM Mahaprabhuji, radiant Light, save us from all evil!"

In this moment a miracle took place. Drawn by an invisible force, the ox and cart safely landed on the opposite shore. Wet and still trembling with the fear of their life-threatening ordeal, the group joined together in a thanksgiving prayer, then continued on their way to see their Divine benefactor.

On arriving at the ashram they wanted to express their thanks to Mahaprabhuji but even before they could say a word, Mahaprabhuji spoke to them with feigned sternness.

"Is this your entire confidence in me? I had always thought that you were firm in your belief, but you are full of fear! I am always with you, so why worry about your life? The cord of life is always in Guru­deva's hands. Only he can save you from every danger."

During the whole night they held a joyous satsang. Inside, the ashram radiated with the warmth of music and devotion while outside the cold monsoon rains tumbled from the sky. When the day was breaking the disciples were becoming hungry but the ashram only contained one open fireplace which was impossible to use because of the continual downpour. Some wanted to go to the village to ask for warm food.

Mahaprabhuji perceived these thoughts as if they had been spoken aloud.

"It's not necessary to bother the village citizens. The rain will soon stop for as long as it takes you to cook and eat, then it will return to wash your dishes! I will instruct God Indra not to disturb your meal!"

Instantly it stopped raining around the ashram, while it continued to rain in the village. What a wonderful experience! The lightning and thunder flashed and rolled about them while they cooked and ate their meal without interruption. When finished, they simply left their dishes and, as promised, it began to rain again and the plates were washed clean!

Sri Shiv Bhag Ashram
Bola Guda village, 306502, District Pali, Rajasthan, India
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