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Kailash Ashram

This modern time, accompanied with the stressful way of living, lack of the time for oneself and inner peace, influenced the whole world as well as India and its rural parts. However, Kailash Ashram kept its traditional and spiritual character. It is a place that fulfills the needs of modern people who are searching for the peace.

Kailash Ashram is a living Ashram of a deep Indian tradition and spirituality. The day begins with the early morning prayer and pujas, bhaktas are coming individually to practice their sadhana, while going to the school the children are passing by, ringing the bell and greeting the Altar of our Parampara. You can see people coming every day, singing mantras, offering flowers to Samadhis, Shiva lingam and Hanuman Mandir.  

The witnesses of the past centuries of this place are Rajasthani native trees that are worshipped according the lunar calendar constalations: Pipal, Beel, Amla, Khejeri, Tulsa, also Banana tree. The knowers of Ayurveda can find the abundance of various healing plants: Aloa Vera, Ashvagandha, Shatavari, Brahmi, Shank Puspi, etc.

The architecture of the jupas makes the view of the Ashram unique. 

In Lila Amrit we can read a various stories of Shree Devpuriji and his life, thus here we can meet people who have personally seen  Shree Devpuriji and experienced his divine power. 

The villagers of each generation, the older ones as well as the children are appreciating this place and helping in every day Ashram duties. They keep this place clean and sacred.

The main event in the Ashram is Shree Devpuriji’s Mahasamadhi. On that day, Shravan Duj the people from the whole world are coming to take a part of the celebration and pay respect to Shree Devpuriji. The Ashram is nicely decorated and Bhaktas are singing the Bhajans whole night. The glory of Shree Devpuriji brings together the people from different countries and various cultures with the Indian tradition and spirituality into the oneness. Here one can realize the Sanskrit phrase: vasudhaiva  kutumbakam - the world is one family.


Sri Devpuriji Ashram
Village Kailash, 332601, District Sikar, Rajasthan, India
27.347912, 75.332290