Kailash Ashram

Kailash ashram

In this ashram, the divine saint Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji Maharaj lived and preached for a long period of time during the 19th and 20th centuries. It is situated between Khatu Shyamji and the village Bay, on the road to Data Ramgarh in Sikar district. Here one can easily experience peace and find a refuge from the material world.

 Excerpt from Lila Amrit about Kailash Ashram

 Kailash Ashram is situated on a small hill in the desert. From it one has a sweeping view of majestic sunrises and sunsets. To the north one can see ponds and a river and behind the river is an avenue of trees. In the opposite direction, several kilometres away, sits the village of Kailash. With the farmers' huts of thatched straw in shades of soft browns and greys; the scene resembles a pastel painting. A long valley opens out to the west and in the distance is a semicircle of rugged brown hills.

The ashram is constructed very simply. The basic material is whitewashed stone. Both levels have open terraces, and large banyan trees give shade to the building. According to Vedic tradition, in the centre of the ashram is a havana kunda (fireplace) . The whole building is an ideal place for yogis and meditators. The air is clean and pure and one can gaze, unhindered, far into the distance.

In this new ashram Sri Devpuriji began to give lectures on The Ramayana, the great epic poem of Sri Goswami Tulsidas. News quickly spread of the wonderful satsangs and soon many more listeners came. To reach the ashram they travelled, by foot, oxcart and camel, long distances through the desert.

The journeys of these people lent a picturesque sight to the desert. Not for nothing is Rajasthan called, "the land of colours." The men wear yellow, red or pink turbans, the women wear long coloured saris and skirts of hand-printed fabric in brilliant colours. At work in the field the farmers' wives look like flocks of lively, exotic birds in the rich green pastures.

After sunset, campfires before the ashram became a common sight. Accompanied by the rhythm of instruments, the villagers came and left the day behind them as they gathered in satsang. Here on the edge of the desert under a clear night sky, it seemed as if peace had descended upon the whole land.

Kailash Ashram

Although this describes the scene which was almost 80 years ago a lot of it still holds true. There is no pollution so the sky is crystal clear and at night the stars are shining beautifully, transfering us into the time of Sri Devpuriji. Still the silence during the sunrise and sunset is unavoidable. Even the birds stop chirping for a moment to greet the Sun. At that time one is alone with oneself and the feeling is simply amazing.

Sri Devpuriji Ashram

Village Kailash, 332601

District Sikar, Rajasthan, India

27.347912, 75.332290


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