Shravan Monday in Om Ashram

Vishwaguruji Shravan Monday 04 Vishwaguruji Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji spent the second Shravan Monday in Om Ashram, Jadan.

Vishwaguruji Shravan Monday 03

In the morning, Vishwaguruji performed the auspicious puja called Rudra Abhishek, a ceremony dedicated to Lord Swayambhu Shiva. Its purpose was for the welfare of the whole world and all living beings.

Vishwaguruji Shravan Monday 05

Afterwards, Vishwaguruji visited Dvadash Jyotirlinga in the centre of Om Ashram and inspected the ongoing work in progress.

Vishwaguruji Shravan Monday 02

Vishwaguruji Shravan Monday 01



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