Paramhans Maheshwarananda at Brahma Dham

Visiting Ahrams in Jodhpur Area

On Monday, 23rd April 2012, our Satagurudev H.H. MM Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandji went along with MM Swami Jasraj Puriji and many of his sannyasins as well as other Jadan Ashram students to visit two ashrams in the Jodhpur area. Swamiji was invited there to initiate special occasions.

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Holy Feet

Mansic Puja

What is Mansic (mental) Puja?

It is mental worship or a mental ceremony. You may be poor, without the facilities for external puja and your Guru may be far away. So in this case you do mansic puja.

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Navratri puja
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Navratri celebration

Lord Brahma, as it is said by Vedantic philosophy, created the universe in a single day. That day is also the beginning of Navratri, of the Vasant Navratri which takes place after Amawasya in the month of Chaitra which approximately corresponds to March.

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Jadan harvesters
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Barley & wheat harvest at Om Ashram

In Northern India people harvest the wheat in spring, which is either in late February or early March. Before they start harvesting they make a traditional ritual. In our Ashram in Jadan we do this at the end of March when the barley is completely ripe as it is the first grain we reap.

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