Republic Day Celebrations in Shree Vishwa Deep Gurukul

1a Republic Day Celebrations

On 26th of January there was the India Republic Day celebration in our Jadan Ashram with cultural and spiritual programmes.

We were priviledged to be able to donate the wheelchairs to the disabled people in the local villages and share in their happiness.


1 Welcome   2 MM Sw.Jasraj Puriji and Sw. Phulpuriji welcomed by College and School Principal   3 India shaped rangoli

  4 Puja   5 Bharat Mata ki Jay   6 Flag Raising

  7 Parade   7a Preparations for performance 8 Republic Day Parade

  9 Cultural Programe   10 Coordination concentration and team work are necesary to make human pyramid   11 Success by Gurukul Hostel students

12 Dance   13 Yoga in Daily Life for healthy and succesful students   14 Bhajans

15 Enjoying the program   16 Rangoli   17 Music

18 Colorful Performance   19 Girls from plusplus class practicing Khatu Pranam   20 Gargi Awardees with MM Sw.Jasraj Puriji and Sw.Phulpuriji

21 All children expressed love to their motherland according to their talents   23 Girls can also make pyramids   24 Joy in movement

  25   26a Donation of wheelchair   26 Congratulations to the top girl students who received Gargi award of Rajasthan

27 Prakash Sirvi from village of Kantaliya can now freely move around in the new wheelchair. He can finally attend college classes independently


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