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Jadan educational projects

Shree Viswa Deep Gurukul Senior Secondary Vidyalaya, Prathmik Vidyalaya and Paramhans Swami Madhavand College

These educational centres are run in a large building towards the western side of the ashram. Children from kinder garten age to year 12 and college students for BA and BSc degrees are all educated here.

Many of the students live in nearby villages and 9 school buses go out each morning to bring them to school and the same buses drop them off at the end of the day.

The school was opened in July 2002 in the Swastika building and after the construction of a much larger complex which allows many more students to study, it developed into a nationally respected educational facility equipped with computer rooms and science laboratories, sports areas and spacious well-ventilated classrooms.

The playground area of the school is landscaped with henna bushes and flowering oleanders. During national holidays such as God Krishna’s birthday and Independence and Republic Days, large gatherings take place and parents and teachers comes and watch the performances of the children on a large podium which has been constructed in front of the assembly hall. Worship and celebration of the nation are expressed through dramas, poetry, song, and dance. Over the years since 2002, this school has provided thousands of children with the invaluable opportunity to pursue education.

Support for school children

To support the education of girls in this poor rural area of Rajasthan, school fees are waived and uniforms and books are provided.

For boys who show academic promise the Gyan Putra program is in place to provide them with everything that they need to see them through the educational gurukul process.

By now, many pupils finished school successfully and are studying or attending vocational training, some of them have already completed them. Most of the students are working very hard to get good results and are extremely thankful for the opportunity given to them.

Both educational centers are today managed by the local government instead of OM Ashram.

Lectures on the Chakras

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