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Animal Refuges

Om Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Gaushalage

The desert region of Rajasthan is a harsh environment to live in and the current drought is particularly hard on cattle which have been set free by villagers who can no longer afford to feed them.

With that in mind the Ashram has established an animal refuge called Om Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Gaushala which provides a home and humane veterinary care for old, homeless and sick animals.

Under the umbrella of Om Ashram and Om Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Gaushala, there are five gaushalas named by the location: Jadan, Gaguda, Kailash, Bari Khatu and Rupavas Gaushala where more than 800 cows are protected from hunger, diseases and certain death in the slaughter houses.

If you want to be a supporter of this noble cause, either one time or yearly kindly contact us on the email

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