International Yoga Day in Om Ashram


Today, on 21st June, yoga was celebrated worldwide. In every Yoga in Daily Life ashram, centre, or in local parks, as organized by our master Vishwaguru Bharat Gaurav Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Puri Ji, programs with asanas and pranayam was prepared for the wide public early in the morning and throughout the day. In addition, this was done in every yoga school in the world. Jadan Ashram was, naturally, part of that project.


The program in Jadan started at 6:30 in the morning in the courtyard of the school premises, and was attended by both ashram students as well as around 200 to 300 people from local areas. After an introductory speech, we started with a two hour yoga class which consisted of many asanas from various levels.

IDY-OmAshram-03 IDY-OmAshram-02

IDY-OmAshram-06 IDY-OmAshram-09

At the end, we practiced several different pranayams and a short, but relaxing and invigorating meditation.

Thus refreshed and replenished with energy, and before going to breakfast, all assembled ashram residents and  guests listened to speeches from Lakshman Dan Ji, Swami Yogesh Puri Ji, Swami Niranjan Puri Ji and Swami Phul Puri Ji.

The audience also felt very blessed to hear from Vishwaguruji, who phoned us directly from New Delhi to wish us all the best and give us His blessings on such a beautiful day - on the day when the entire world commemorates yoga, and the happiness and well-being it gives.

IDY-OmAshram-10 26-Swami-Niranjan-Puriji---Yoga-In-Daily-Life-Is-Practiced-And-Appreciated-All-Over-The-World

2-Almost-400-People-Gathered-In-Jadan-Ashram-For-Idy 3-Mahant-Chetan-Giriji-From-Sojat-Inaugurated-Idy-Celebration 4-All-Benefit-From-Simple-Yoga-Movements 4a-Sarav-Hitta-Asanas 5-Yoga-Students-From-Whole-World-Demonstarting-Sarva-Hitta-Asanas 5a-Tadasana-For-Good-Stretching 6 6a-Idy-In-Jadan-Ashram 7-Khatu-Pranam 7a-Khatu-Pranam 7bkhatu-Pranam-001 8-Relaxation 9-Pavan-Mukta-Asan-For-Good-Digestion-And-Healthy-Back 10 11 12-Bhujangasan 13-Makarasan 14-Trikonasan-Preparation 14a-During-Yoga-Class-Body-Is-Bent-And-Stretched-In-All-Directions-For-A-Balanced-Effect 14b-Trikonasan-Variation 14c-Trikonasan 15-Young-And-Old-Practise-Yoga-Together 16-Ushtrasan 17-Relaxation-S-Important-Part-Of-Yoga-Practice 18 19 20-Tadasan-2 21-Swami-Phul-Puriji-Demonstrating-Nauli-Kriya 22-Anulom-Vilom-Pranayam 23-Bhramari-Pranayama 24-Mantra-Chanting 25-Swami-Yogesh-Puriji---Science-Of-Yoga-Brings-In-Harmony-Our-Inner-And-Outer-World 27-Idy-Practicioners-Were-Invited-For-Prashad-And-Sightseeing-Of-Ashram


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