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A Day of Hindi Language

On 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted Hindi as the official language of India. To show its importance and celebrate its mark of acknowledgement, Hindi Diwas is celebrated on the 14th of September every year. According to this 2001 Survey more than 422 million people are speaking Hindi.

Knowledge of Hindi language considerably aids non-Indian citizens to communicate more easily in India, and also supports further studies in Sanskrit, the language of ancient scriptures and mantras. Therefore the author of the scientific system Yoga in Daily Life, Vishwaguru MaheshwaranandaJi has decided to fully support the Government of India in its endeavours to spread teaching of Hindi language and has offered the world-wide network of Yoga in Daily Life Ashrams and Centres as facilities where Hindi can be taught with the support of the Embassies of the Republic of India.

In several countries where Yoga in Daily Life is regularly practiced, the inauguration of further cooperation in the field of Hindi teaching will take place on Monday September 14, and in other countries subsequently. We encourage practitioners of the Yoga in Daily Life Scientific System to fully support this initiative and help spread the knowledge of Hindi worldwide.

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