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A significant event in the construction of Om ashram

On 8th August 2015, in the morning, a foundation stone for building the roof was put on top of the temple.

At the temple's bottom is Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji’s Samadhi place and on the floor above is Dvadas Jyotir Lingam.

Om-ashram-kalash-01  Om-ashram-kalash-02 

For this auspicious occasion a puja was performed by Swami Maheshwaranandaji with the help of two pundits in which the usual puja items were used: fruits, panch amrit, a combination of milk, ghee, sugar, honey and yoghurt, flowers, leaves, grass, incense, kum kum, a special colour, ghur, a special kind of sugar, and fire.


When all this was prepared on the roof beside the temple, the foundation stone was brought from above by a crane so that it could be blessed, sanctified, by the puja, the singing of mantras and the presence of Gurudev. Those of us present were truly fortunate because sitting beside the Master in such moments, absorbing the divine atmosphere and repeating mantra is a joy that cannot really be expressed in word.

Om-ashram-kalash-08  Om-ashram-kalash-11 

After finishing the ceremony, everybody present got prashad and the opportunity to touch the stone and make a donation, before the stone was put on top of the temple. Yet another milestone in the architecture of this magnificent building, the Om ashram.