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Children's Day in Jadan School

Friday, 14th November, was a great day. A day on which all citizens of India, and especially children, remember Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India.

Beside that,  he was known for his fondness for children, for him they were the future of the nation, the foundation of society. As a tribute to him and his love for children, his birthday is celebrated all over India as Children’s Day, a day marking childhood with celebrations meant for their enjoyment. In Jadan school, the spirit was relaxed and at the same tome creative and lively, its motto being ''Environment and World Peace.'' Children were making drawings of how our planet could be saved, nature preserved and people protected. They were drawing forests, lakes, the sun, planet Earth, continents, rivers, and some added a message. Others focused on deities, like the senior boy who drew a very good picture of Bhagwan Ganesha and won the first prize. One girl drew Nehru, emphasizing  his fight against violence towards cows. At the same time, older girls were doing mehendis, artistic paintings of the hands. Subjects were their aspirations for the future and had quite a few hearty laughs. As the celebration was proceeding, teachers were checking the items the children made and estimated them. Slowly, their work was finished, and the jury came on stage to announce the winners. First, the Secondary School Principle spoke, and after Swami Phul Puriji. It was more than visible that his words were uplifting, that he inspired the children, elevated their spirits. And that was the atmosphere in which prizes were given later on. Uplifting and inspiring.  And the prizes were not just a few. From dictionaries, compasses to lunch pots and pens for every age group. Given and received with joy and delight. Like this we spent Children's Day in the school of Jadan Ashram, a day when we all remembered the child that lives in each and every one of us.

 drawing 1 drawing 2 drawing 3

drawing 4  hearty laugh mehendi 1

giving a prize swami phul puriji speaking