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Covid Quarantine Centre opened in Jadan Hospital

In this time of Covid crisis in India, Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji Maharaj opens the Covid Quarantine Centre.

The Quarantine centre was opened on the premises of Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital, Jadan Ashram, and given for the use to the Government of India.

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Swami Maheshwaranand inaugurates Covid centre

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Swami Maheshwarananda inaugurated a Covid care centre in Jadan village. On this occasion, the administrative authorities were present. The Covid Centre is situated in Vishwagurukul Austria Hospital, Jadan ashram, where the initial symptoms will be checked, and the patients will be admitted. Medicine will be available for the ILI patients, and patients with the oxygen level of 88% will be treated. In this care centre, 17 oxygen concentrating machines and other types of equipment have been arranged. X-Ray centre and medical kits have also been inspected for better treatment of covid patients.

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We pray to God that all infected people become healthy and return to their home after recovery.” Swami Maheshwaranand.

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Marwar Junction @ Patrika

Covid quarantine centre was started in Paramhans Swami Madhavanand Hospital, Vishwadeep Gurukul Ashram, Jadan by Swami Maheshwaranand after performing the puja. On this occasion, Swami Maheshwaranandji said that corona is spreading fast. Because of that, there was a need for a corona quarantine center, which is now fulfilled. Here, the latest machines and other facilities are available for patients to be looked after. He also said that he prays to God that all the patients who come here get well and go back home. Dr N.S. Yadav, Chief Medical Officer of the Block, said that three doctors and supporting staff had been appointed.
On this occasion, Mr Virendra Singh, the Collector; Kushvir Singh Jojavar, MLA; Mangla Ram Devasi, Head of Administrative Subsection; Om Amrit Prajapat, Tehsildar; Kishan Singh Rathore, Development Officer; Dr Ruparam Sirvi and others were present.

Pradhan organizes the food
In the Quarantine Centre, Jadan Ashram, food for the patients and staff was given to Mangala Ram Devasi, Head of the Administrative Subsection, district Pali.

The Oxygen Concentrator came for the Quarantine Centre.

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Beds and machines in Covid Quarantine Centre in the area of Vishwadeep Gurukul Ashram, village Jadan, Marwar Junction

Marwar Junction @ Patrika

The medical equipment was delivered to the Quarantine Centre made in Paramhans Swami Madhawananda Austria Hospital, Vishwadeep Gurukul Ashram, village Jadan, and is now ready to use. Om Amrit Prajapat, Tehsildar, said that 26 beds are prepared in the Centre. On Tuesday, Administration installed 17 oxygen concentrator machines adding to the previous nine, which were already installed. On Tuesday (11.5.2021), district Collector Mr Virendra Singh; MLA Kushvir Singh Jojavar; Head of Administrative Subsection Mangla Ram Devasi; Naib Tehsildar Om Amrit Prajapat; Chief Medical Officer Dr N.S. Yadav, Chief Medical Officer; Development Officer Kishan Singh Rathore; and others were present for the inspection. On this occasion, Sarpanch Punam Devi Dayma, Dr Ruparam Sirvi, Swami Premanand, Govind Malviya, Nemaram Devasi were also present.

The service to humanity is the highest – Maheshwaranand

Marwar Junction @ Patrika

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The service to humanity is the highest. One should always be ready to serve others. Swami Maheshwarananda uttered these words in Vishwadeep Gurukul Ashram, Jadan. He said that one should spend the human life helping others according to one’s capabilities. The one who is immersed in humanitarian service always stays away from the wrong things. The deeds made in such a way become his destiny. He also said that this whole ashram and Paramhans Swami Madhavananda Hospital is made for humanitarian purpose. Now, this hospital will be used as a Quarantine Centre.

On this occasion, a member of Parliament P.P Chaudry and Head of Administrative Subsection Mangla Ram Devasi came and inspected the Centre. Swami Premanand Puri and others were also present.

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