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Free Medical Camp in Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital on the Rajasthan Day

On the occasion of the celebration of Rajasthan Day, 30th March 2014, two camps were held simultaneously in Sri Swami Madhavananda Hospital.


The main camp was a medical camp organized by Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital headed by the director Sadhvi Shanti Puri. In conjunction with the camp a blood donation camp was organized by The Red Cross from Pali. The response in both camps was very good. Blood donations were received by 50 people including karma yogis and many members of the ashram.
As the camp was held on Rajasthan day, a special puja in which Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasraj Puriji participated was made in the entrance hall before beginning the work with the patients. The hospital was decorated and the doctors as well as other staff were wearing Rajasthani turbans.

The students of the Ashram school helped with the registration of the patients and led people to the consulting room of the required doctor.

Many specialist doctors from various fields responded to this medical camp. They examined 679 patients, men, women and children, who were examined for free. Many also received free medicine and complicated cases were operated on completely free of charge.

“In the last five years, since I have been running this hospital, there have been 63 medical camps. This was the second biggest one. In these five years,  over 10 thousand patients have visited our specialist doctors in these camps alone” Sadhvi Shanti told us. “We did not organize all camps in our hospital, most took  place in nearby villages, and in such situations less doctors went with us, two or three. “

On this hospital camp there were 9 specialist doctors, 5 from Pali, one from Jodhpur, one from USA and two from our hospital. We had general doctors, an orthopedist, a gynaecologist, a dentist, a psychiatrist, a surgeon. Most people came to the eye doctor and 50 people got glasses for free. Many of them also wanted to be checked by the orthopedist, because people from Rajasthan, especially those very poor, do not have access to clean drinking water, so they have medical problems with joints and bones.

1 More than 600 people waited patiently for free check up 3 MM Swami Jasraj Puriji participated on Opening Puja 4 50 Ashram Members doneated blood to the Red Cross

Surgeaon Dr. Dinker was very busy6 Dr. Rathore from USA welcomed to the Camp Team 7 Patients from surrounding villages were pouring in whole day