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H.H. Swamiji's satsang from 22nd July 2013 on the occasion of Gurupurnima from OM Ashram, Jadan.

Read Swamiji's message on this occasion in PDF form, and the transcript of H.H. Swamiji's satsang from 22nd July 2013 on the occasion of Gurupurnima from OM Ashram, Jadan.

“This Guru Parampara, our Spiritual Lineage is not new, it belongs to Sanathan,
which is eternal and begun with the creation of the entire universe”.


GURUPURNIMA 22nd July 2013

As in Jadan Ashram every year, Gurupurnima is a huge celebration. People from near and far flock to the Ashram in great numbers to receive Vishwaguru Swamiji’s Darshan, whose blessing revives spiritual inspiration for everyone. Today was a particularly significant Gurupurnima as Jyotir Linga was inorgerated in Om Ashram and several thousands were witness to this great event. There was a shower of roses as the Linga descended into place and a testimony to its power were Swamiji’s words “whoever comes here will go to shivaloka in this life”.

The Ashram was alive for three days with bhajans, mantras, and the pure joy of celebration. From 3am on the 22nd the ceremonies began in the yagya Shala with Sanyas Dikha, followed by Karma Sanyass Diksha and then thread ceremony for the school boys. We then went to the Bhakti Sagar for prayers in honor of Holy Guruji and Pada puja to Swamiji, all our international friends visitors and Karma Yogis then greeted Swamiji and while it then felt like midday, it was only 8am. Like this the day continued full of events, satsang and singing. The atmosphere was of happiness and gratitude.

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Nothing in this modern world could continue without the Guru principle. The pilot has his flying guru, who taught him how to fly, without a Guru you could not become a pilot, nor can you be a doctor or surgeon, an electrician or even drive a car. For every profession and skill you need a guru, an expert. Their job is to awaken the knowledge within you. What’s changed in you then, is that the hidden powers awoke. A Guru is not a person, it’s a principle, and that awakes the knowledge, the realization within you.

Knowledge can be gained from everyone and everything. Bhagwan Dattatreya learnt from animals and tiny creatures, he learnt from nature too. One day he observed a river merging into the ocean and saw all boundaries vanish. He realized that all obstacles dissolve when the atma unites with the infinite.


The first Guru Purnima occurred when Bhagwan Vishnu took the form of Vahai Avatara, the huge white boar. He pushed the earth out of the ocean, because at that time everything was under water. When the first light of the sun touched the earth that was Guru Purnima, hence we chant Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya; Lord, lead me from the darkness to light. May The Lord and Gurudev grant us the possibility to merge in that eternal light.


The second definition of Guru Purnima is when Ved Vyasa was born, he was the first to write down the Vedas. Before his time this knowledge was always Smruti, what was told and Smriti, what was learned by heart and given further. Bhagwan Ved Vyasa was a Trikaldarshi, that is, a knower of the past, present and future. He knew that in the time of Kali Yuga the human memory would be lost and consumed by materialistic desires. Unfortunately in the Kali Yoga God is money, originally it wasn’t like this, everyone was taught to follow and understand the words of the Guru, Guruvakyas.

Lord Brahma is caretaker of the Vedas, as you see him in each picture with four hands, he is holding one Veda in each. We are reminded in the mantra; Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Parambrahma, Tasmay Shree Guruvey Namaha. So it’s the Guru who guides us with this knowledge. Salutations to Shree Gurudev, who is the embodiment of the Vedas.


Guru Purnima is the day of completing our sadhana and beginning a new spiritual year. Now Gurudev will ask you for the tax, and what is the tax – more practice! On the Guru Purnima day it is tradition to fast and listen to the Guru Gita have your prayers, mantra and normal sadhana. If you have work then peacefully go to the office and when you come back home, wash and make nice Prasad to share together, or go to the Ashram if you can. If you are alone feed the birds and take care of nature. If your lifestyle allows finish your day with Sadhana.


So at Gurupurnima we remember our adoration, our devotion to Gurudev, and reflect on the completion of one spiritual, we make a new shankalpa and a new year begins.


Nothing material will go with you at the end of this life, only your spiritual sadhana will go with you, what you have gained through your mantra and following the Guruvakya are your greatest assets, learning about Guru Kripa and awakening of the Guru’s consciousness within you will lead you to your ultimate goal and that will stay with you forever.

Guru is not a physical body, guru is that knowledge.
In every heart the light of God is there, but adoration to that heart in which He speaks, Mahaprabhuji said, like that my Gurudev speaks within me.
Let us forget all our mistakes, and surrender to Mahaprabhuji

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