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Hanuman Jayanti in Jadan Ashram

On Friday 22 April 2016, in the evening of the full moon day in the Indian month of Jyesht, we celebrated the birthday of Hanuman - one of the greatest heroes in India - at our Hanuman Mandir, situated in one of the ashram gates.

Hanuman jayanti Om Ashram 02

Hanuman jayanti Om Ashram 01

The ceremony, with an offering of flowers, fruits, and the traditional giant chapati (flat bread) which was later on served as prashad (blessed food), was attended by ashram students, children from the hostel, and staff.

Hanuman jayanti Om Ashram 03

We invoked Hanuman, asked for his protection and blessing, because he is known as the remover of troubles and suffering. We did so by praying, singing certain mantras and performing the puja (ceremony with oil lamps and incense), which also offered us a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the blissful atmosphere of that divine day.

Hanuman jayanti Om Ashram 05


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