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Inauguration of Holy Guruji's Statue


On 28th February 2020 in Om Ashram a special ceremony was held, the inauguration of the statue of Hindu Dharma Samrat Paramhans Swami Madhavanand Puriji, affectionately known as Holy Guruji.

Preparations and decorations for the Pran Pratishtha ceremony through which life and energy are established in the statue, started already one day before under the initiative and blessings of Vishwaguruji and with the guidance of Pandit Kapil Trivedi.



Whole day program included chanting of mantras, prayers, Abhishek (ceremonial bath) of Holy Guruji's sandals and Yagya (fire ceremony) with the participation of Swami Yogesh Puri - the main architect of Om Ashram, Mahants Swami Premanand and Swami Phul Puri with sannyasins, karma yogis, bhaktas and all Om Ashram workers.

Whole space of Holy Guruji's Mahasamadhi resonated with Vedic mantras while all present devotees got the chance to participate in the Yagya, including hundreds of masons and stone workers whose hard work and skills had contributed to the beauty and uniqueness of Om Ashram.

Anyone, who has ever visited Holy Guruji's Samadhi in Om Ashram, experienced the peace and Holy Guruji's divine energy that radiates in this space. Thanks to the inauguration of his statue, this peace and energy is now represented in the physical form for all devotees to adore and to offer their prayers, wishes and love.