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Mahashivaratri 2016 celebrated in Om Ashram

On the night from Monday 7th March to Tuesday 8th March, we were celebrating the holy occasion of Shiva Ratri.

 Shiva temple back

The ashram students, children from the hostel and local bhaktas, together with pandits, gathered for this event in our Shiv Mandir, the temple of Shiva, to express our love and devotion by doing abhishek and singing mantras 4 times during the night.

Shiva temple

Each puja, ritual ceremony, lasted for about 2 hours, and in it we washed, worshipped and decorated the Shiva Lingam, the symbolic representation of God Shiva who is the greatest God, is easily pleased, and quickly gives blessings for worship done in His name. In that way, devotees aspire to obtain a divine blessing, which is the one thing that makes human life successful in every way.


Shree Ganeshji Maharaj


Ganeshji's brother Kartikeya


And their mother Parvatiji