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Mataji’s Mahasamadhi

On 18 July 2015, in Jadan Ashram, a celebration was held in honour of Sadhvi Punyanand Bhartiji’s Mahasamadhi.

Mahasamadhi is the auspicious occasion when a holy person leaves this world, passes away, and goes into Brahmaloka, attaining liberation. In India it is not a day of sorrow, but is commemorated because as a day of remembering the person and the legacy that she or he left behind.

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Mataji, as everyone respectfully and lovingly called her, has left a deep trace and significance in the lives and hearts of many. The satsang started at 7:30pm in the evening at her Samadhi place with Guru Arati and puja, a special ceremony, performed in the temple dedicated to her.

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After receiving prasad, we listened to a speech about the greatness and generosity of her personality. This was followed with the opportunity for guests to have some dinner in the ashram, however some remained by the temple with ashram students, to sing bhajans - devotional songs.

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The singing went on throughout the night until 6:30 in the morning, when we concluded the satsang by singing the morning prayer and eating prasad prepared by a local bhakta. The whole gathering, attended by many friends and relatives of Mataji, showed us the importance and beauty of leading a spiritual way of life and love.

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