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Welcoming Nandi in Om Ashram

Welcoming Nandishwar Ji to Om Sri Alakhpuriji Siddha Peeth OM Ashram on 5th July 2022, Shashti Shukla (6th day) of auspicious day of Ashadha month.

It was an auspicious moment when the statue of Nandi Maharaj came to the OM Ashram in Jadan.

Nandi was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and through a difficult penance achieved the position of being the ride of Lord Shiva in the form of bull.

He is also known as the protector of mount Kailash and is put in front of many temples to protect them. Now, Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Ji Maharaj installed Nandi to guard and protect Om Ashram.

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Nandishwar reaches Om Ashram

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Swami Avatarpuri performs special ceremony

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Nandishwar guards Om Ashram

Nandi is a Hindu deity and the gatekeeper of the god Shiva in Hindu mythology. Nandi is also known as the "Divine Bull" or "Bull of Lord Shiva" and is revered as a symbol of strength, loyalty, and devotion.

Nandi is usually depicted as a bull with a human face and is often shown sitting in a relaxed pose with its head facing towards the temple sanctum sanctorum, where the main deity, Lord Shiva, resides. Nandi is considered the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Shiva, and his presence at the entrance of a temple is considered to be a sign of the god's blessings and protection.

In Hindu mythology, Nandi is said to have been created by Lord Shiva himself as his companion and faithful servant. Nandi is believed to be the embodiment of devotion and loyalty and is said to have meditated for years to achieve union with Lord Shiva.

Nandi is also associated with many stories and legends in Hindu mythology. One of the most popular stories is that of Nandi's devotion to Lord Shiva. The story goes that Nandi, the bull, was so devoted to Lord Shiva that he meditated for years to achieve union with him. Lord Shiva was so pleased with Nandi's devotion that he granted him the ability to speak, and Nandi became one of Lord Shiva's closest advisors.

Another popular legend is that Nandi was once a demon who was blessed by Lord Shiva and was transformed into a bull. This story is believed to symbolize the power of devotion and faith and how it can even change the fate of a demon.

Nandi is also considered to be the patron of music, dance, and arts in Hinduism. He is also considered the god of fertility and is associated with the power of procreation.

Nandi is widely worshipped in India and Nepal. Many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva have a statue of Nandi at the entrance, and the devotees offer their prayers to Nandi before entering the temple to worship Lord Shiva.

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