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Navratri in Jadan Ashram

On 8th April, the holy festival of Navratri began.

Om Ashram Navaratri 1

The festival, which lasts for nine days and nights, is dedicated to the Divine Mother, and Her victory over evil forces.

In our Ashram, we are celebrating it at the Shakti Peetha, the Samadhi place (burial shrine) of Shri Sadhvi Punyanand Bhartiji, where each morning and evening we sing a prayer dedicated to the Divine Mother, 'Jai Ambe Gauri', and do puja (ritual of worship).

Om Ashram Navaratri 5

The ceremonies are led by Pandit Shri Rakesh ji Shrimali, who also chants mantras in Sanskrit on this subject every day.

During Navratri all are most welcome to do anushtan, spiritual practice, at the Shakti Peetha, or to fast. In this way, we are expressing our devotion and admiration of the Divine Shakti.

Om Ashram Navaratri 3