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Peace Prayer in Jadan Ashram

Under the umbrella of Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council, all Yoga in Daily Life centres around the globe participated in the United Nations Peace Day initiative on Saturday, 21st September 2013. Our international Om Ashram community enthusiastically joined the worldwide peace efforts with prayer and ceremony organised around world peace trees planted last year by H.H. Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji.

Here in Jadan, H.H. Swamiji planted the traditionally revered pipal and banyan trees which have been regarded as sacred for thousands of years. H.H. Swamiji gave the pipal tree the name Shanti, thereby blessing it with quality to spread peace around, and the name Iccha to the banyan tree which thus became the wish-fulfilling tree.

Just one hour before the prayer, stormy clouds carried with strong wind gathered above Jadan Ashram. Rare and unexpected in the second half of September, a short rain shower was a blessing for the dry land and the thirsty crops. Just as we started to consider whether to reschedule or relocate the World Peace Prayer, the storm calmed down.

Gurukul students, hospital and other ashram staff, volunteers and yoga students from all over the world gathered around the peace trees. It was a joyful meeting of many generations, nationalities and backgrounds – all with one common goal: to offer a small personal contribution to World Peace efforts. The event began with a short introduction of the UN Peace Day initiative, proceeded with a minute of silent prayer which was concluded with the sound of a conch shell. During the traditional Indian ceremony of worshipping the tree with light, water and a sacred thread, all were chanting peace mantras from Upanishads. During the prayer we all witnessed the miraculous strength of peace light – the small clay oil lamps kept on burning uninterrupted by the wind.

1 Students coming to Iccha banyan tree 2 Ashram family during peace prayer 3 Preparing for puja near Shanti pipal tree

4 Lighting the deepaks 5 All generations and nations for World Peace 6 Athmosphere was full of joy

7 Everybody wanted to do puja 9 Gurukul student offering prayer under Iccha tree 10 Deepaks where shining despite the wind