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​Peace Prayer in OM Ashram, Jadan

As was done in all Yoga in Daily Life centres globally, we residents of this ashram, sevaks and Gurukul students as well, also prayed for world peace and harmony.

At 11.30am, on 21 September 2015, the International Day of Peace, we gathered at the two significant trees planted next to the hospital: the Peace Tree - a pipal; and a Wish-fulfilling Tree - a banyan.

Peace-tree-2015-1 Peace-tree-2015-2

As is customary for such festive occasions, we performed a puja (ceremony) at each tree, tied a thread around them and made abishek (ritual bathing) with water, while singing peace mantras.

In this way, we celebrated this beautiful day, and reminded ourselves that we are all active parts of creating World Peace.

Peace-tree-2015-3 Peace-tree-2015-4