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Pupils from Central Academy, Pali visit Om Ashram

This week the usual daily ashram morning routine and peaceful environment was enriched by the chatter of hundreds of small voices - children from the kindergarten and preparatory class of the Central Academy in Pali were visiting us to experience the peaceful, safe and spiritual atmosphere of our Om Ashram.

Girls and boys dressed in red school uniforms were very curious to see our Rainwater Harvesting Project and a full talab (lake), as well as the building in progress on the Om Ashram. Although very small, joyful and playful, the children were very disciplined and obeyed all instructions of their teachers and ashram representatives. They listened attentively to introduction of ashram life, yoga and the importance of spirituality in human life, delivered in the simple way by Swami Phulpuriji.
"We are very happy that we can visit the Om Ashram with our smallest children - the ashram location is just perfect for them as it is not too far. Yesterday here were the youngest kids from KG class, today came another group from pre-school. We are an English school and we are very interested to show our students the traditional way of teaching which you are nourishing here. Ashram life is the part of our culture and values and this is what we want to show to our students of all ages.
"The children are very happy here, the nature is just beautiful, we enjoyed the walk and sightseeing. We would also like to continue our cooperation in future with visit of the 12th class students, so that they can learn more and see the way how the teaching is conducted in your school, which is a Hindi school with traditional background. We would also be very happy if your students would visit our school in Pali." - impressions and plans for future as shared by the Principal of the Central Academy, Dr Chandra Gehlot.