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Rainwater Harvesting Monsoon Update

On August 8, 2012 the monsoon clouds finally hit Jadan ashram and rain started to pour down! It should normally come around July 1 but during last years the situation is getting worse. The rain doesn’t come in time and its intensity is much less than it used to be 10-15 years ago.

This has very negative effect on agriculture, on the level of ground water and the life in this area in general. For example if we look the last year - 2011 we got only 348 mm of rain (average of last 7 years is 451 mm) and because it was spread in many days then only 0.5 meter of water came into the ashram’s Talab lake. This was not enough for irrigation of fields and therefore many crops could not have been planted at all. Also three out of our five tube wells dried out completely during the hot months of April and May 2012.

We believe that it was the blessing of our Gurudev that along with His recent arrival to India and to Jadan the rain started. During the following 8 days starting on August 8 there fell 201 mm of rain and it brought 3.0 meters of water into the Talab. This is not yet very optimistic score but it is already much better than it was last year and we can still keep hoping and praying for more rain during the next 4 weeks. For example in 2010 there came 3 meters of water into the Talab on September 10. So we are addressing all our bhaktas around the world to join us in our prayers for more rain in Jadan.

Watch youtube video here.

Jadan Ashram, August 20, 2012

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