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Indian Republic Day with Vishwaguruji

January marking Republic Day in India, was especially festive here in Jadan Ashram, because we celebrated it together with Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.


All of us, Vishwaguruji, visitors from Europe, ashram sevaks, local bhaktas, as well as the staff and students of Jadan school, gathered in the school’s open courtyard to enjoy watching the performances prepared especially for this occasion.

It started with Vishwaguruji hoisting the flag as all the Indian children and adults sang the national anthem. This was followed by numerous interesting group performances, including marching, singing a prayer to Goddess Saraswatiji, doing Khatu Pranam, dancing, staging a play, and singing a bhajan in dedication to our Gurudev: "Juga Juga Jivo Maheshwarananda".

The celebration concluded with Vishwaguruji addressing the audience on the subjects of spirituality and righteousness, and the joy of being free.


Bharat Mata ki Jay!


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