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Rescuing water animals from the drying-out Talab in Jadan Ashram

Since May 2007 it happened again at present that after 5 years the Talab dried out. Read about the rescue of creatures living in the Talab.

The Talab dried outSince the construction of Talab in Jadan Ashram was completed in 2004 every year it brings its benefits to the whole area. It means not only to humans and domestic animals living in the Ashram and surrounding villages but also to many wild water creatures who find their new home in waters of our Talab. Every year more and more water birds, as well as turtles, frogs, lizards and also fish make their way to Talab and stay there either for few months or whole year around depending on their life cycle.

Unfortunately the monsoon rains of recent years are more and more weak and so since May 2007 it happened again at present that after 5 years the Talab dried out. In order to safe the lives of thousands of animals surviving in the last portions of standing muddy water, Swamiji instructed the students of the Jadan Gurukul to make a rescue action.

Rescuing animals living in the TalabRescuing animals living in the Talab Fishing

Already 3 times they went early in the morning straight after Shiva-arati down to Talab and with simple tools & home made equipment they are harvesting thousands of fish and also frogs.

With simple tools...... they are harvesting thousands of creatures The nest is full...

The animals are collected into plastic drums with sweet water and transported on a tractor to Om Ashram where they are placed into ground water tanks. These tanks are normally used for construction works but now they became places of animal refuge for the next 2-3 hot months.

Rescuing fishes from the almost dried out TalabThe rescued animals are collected into plastic drums... ... the drums are taken...

...on tractors to Om Ashram... ...where they are placed into ground water tanks

The turtles are deeper in the mud. It is their normal practice that they bury themselves in the earth in the hot season and then reemerge when the rains come. They have been here before the talab was built and have always buried themselves in the south west area of the ashram. Yesterday one was spotted walking beside the mountain, presumably going to his regular “summer retreat”.

We hope very much and also pray, that this year we will get plentiful rain and the lifesaving capacity of the Jadan Ashram Talab will be again utilized. Every devotee is most welcomed to help in that, every prayer and your mantras are listened wherever you are.

Shri Deep Narayan Bhagawan ki Jaya

Jadan Ashram, 30th April 2012