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Sending spring flowers from Jadan

March is a month of blooms and ripening grains and the end of the spring and the beginning of the hot season. It is a time of sweet and thankful birdsong and the buzzing of happy and satisfied bees and the scents from many varieties of blossoms from bushes and trees and shrubs – in short – spring in Jadan!

For a lot of the month we were battling with the weeds in the Shiv Bagh and taking care of the new seedlings of the summer vegetables and irrigating as the temperatures are starting to soar. There was a wonderful if short and sweet storm on the 14th and so we had a 3 day break from watering and the highlight of the month was the construction of a 160 square metre shade house which is dearly necessary for our 2015 tree nursery. We had an empty and unused area in our workshop garden and found all of the materials needed in our stockpile and thanks to the industrious and creative efforts from Hanspuriji and Santoshanandji a shady area has been created along with wind breaks made from bamboo and later we shall utilize climbing vines bearing flowers which shall make the area look beautiful too. Our 2 GSDs (Cheetah and Cher) have also permission from their Master to spend the warm days on wet soil beneath the green shady canopy.

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Another great highlight this March was the arrival of Swamiji and many bhaktas from Europe. Our tomato harvest was in full swing by then, so we could provide some sweet and juicy salad. There were also some lettuces still available for Babji from the winter garden. The garlic harvest did not take place until the end of the month, as we were waiting for the leaves to turn yellow.

On the 23rd, sorghum wheat was sown (broadcast) in the empty areas of the Shiv Bagh. This fodder will keep our horses and 2 bulls happy until the monsoon shoots come up in the fields in late August. It will also make good use of our rain water, which now stands just below 5 metres.

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The weather turned unseasonably hot after the rain on the 14th and by the 22nd the air was on fire with temperatures in the high 30s and on the 23th it hit 40 degrees celsius which is rare for March. Rain was forecast for the end of the month and the beginning of April so let us hope because then the temperatures should drop agreeably!

We had a wonderful response to our homemade items in the organic store and it was a nice atmosphere there and it is cool in the underground of the kitchen area so it was a good retreat from the heat. Some group members helped out with the nut grass weeding in the Shiv Bagh and we had some help too with starting our tree nursery after completion of our wonderful cool and shady greenhouse.

Replanting of our cucumbers took place on the 23rd in the workshop area as the original seeds failed due to the rain and ensuing cool. Any cucurbits enjoy heat and are easy prey for pests. We have been sorely challenged to succeed with these for the last 3 summers.

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This month night watering started due to the heat and this will continue through to the monsoon. As with each year we need to brace ourselves now for the coming heat, the relentless irrigation and the weeds which come in abundance at this time of year.

On the bright side the papayas are ripening very quickly and enjoying the heat and perhaps our banana trees will also develop – though they may well be happier living beneath the roof of the shade house where we shall for sure be spending a lot of time this summer.

Enjoy the European spring and a big thank you to all our guests and bhaktas – especially our wonderful group from Georgia – the Yoga Cave Team – for your support with the kitchen and organic store.

Love from Puspa Devi
Jadan Ashram
March 31st

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