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Shivaratri Celebration in Om Ashram

On the auspicious night of 13 February 2018, Mahashivaratri was celebrated in Jadan Ashram.

 Shivaratri Jadan 2018 01

The program of Rudra Abhishek took place in the Shiva Mandir (temple).

Shivaratri Jadan 2018 06

Rudra Abhishek is a ceremony where the Shiva Lingam is ritually bathed in water, milk etc. during which time the Pandits (priests) recite mantras.

Shivaratri Jadan 2018 05

After the bathing, the Shiva Lingam is decorated in various ways.

Shivaratri Jadan 2018 08

There were a total four ceremonies that took place during the night, each of them lasting for almost two hours.

Shivaratri Jadan 2018 12

Various items which are used in the puja.

Shivaratri Jadan 2018 02

Outside of the temple children were singing bhajans.

Shivaratri Jadan 2018 03

Swami Premanand and Swami Phulpuri also took part in the puja.

Shivaratri Jadan 2018 09

After each puja, prayer was sung, and the whole program finished in the morning with Shiva Arati.