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Sri Devpuriji’s Mahasamadhi and Swamiji’s Birthday Celebrations according to the Astrological Moon calendar

As the celebration of one Divine life flowed into another, we were able to offer our thanks to His Holiness Vishwaguru Swamiji for what he's brought into our lives.

Many events occurred throughout the night and day, and it felt, as many have expressed, like another Gurupurnima.

After the all night satsang in honor of Sri Devpuriji, and the wonderful bhajans the day commenced with Pada Puja by devotees. Swamiji gave a wonderful pravachan (satsang speech) and a large bandara (eating for all bhaktas who came to the Ashram) was served on the balcony of Kailash Ashram. The devotees of Sri Alakhpuriji Siddha Peeth were busy, and made sure that everyone received plenty of prasad.

Later we travelled to Jaipur Ashram where bhaktas along the way gathered wherever Swamiji stopped to congratulate him. In the evening satsang at Sri Vishwa Deep Ashram, Jaipur, many devotees expressed their recognition of Sri Swamiji's life, and it seemed they would never end. Then the devotees of Jaipur offered prasad, for all together at a bandara on the front lawn and around the corridors of the ashram. It was a wonderful celebration.

Here are some thoughts from those present at the occasion:

"I am privileged to have Swamiji celebrate his birthday here, and am very happy that many people came to share this moment with us, and as in the Indian tradition of celebration for the birthday of a Saint we had prasad with kheer. I'm so happy that Swamiji chose this Ashram to celebrate his birthday".

Mahamandelshwar Swami Gyaneshwar Puriji

"His life is not for himself, it is 24 hours Seva (service to humanity and all creation)".

Swami Yogeshji

"It was a great blessing that I had the opportunity to serve Swamiji and all, especially on the day of His incarnation".

Sadhvi Uma Puriji

"When I did Guru Puja on Swamiji's birthday, afterwards I was so full of energy, full of light, and that was something very special".

Sadhvi Dayaji

"The birthday of our Satgurudev was a special day for us to celebrate here in Jaipur together, with our Indian friends, it was so peaceful and joyful and full of bliss"

Prem Milan of Jaipur Ashram

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