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Swami Bodhanandaji function

A long awaited visit of H.H. Swami Maheshwarananda to the village Barnel, near Bari Khatu, took place on 31st of December 2013.

Local devotees organised a big function near the samadhi of Swami Bodhanandaji. He is the one who introduced Holy Guruji to Mahaprabhuji. Swamiji was welcomed with great respect and given a traditionally colourful procession through the village of Barnel towards a big open tent, where thousands of locals gathered to receive blessings and darshan. Beside Swamiji there were sitting other local sadhus and swamis.

Swamiji gave satsang about Sat Sanatan Dharma and motivated the young generation towards respecting their parents and keeping their traditions and culture.


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