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Talab summer maintenance

The Talab completely dried out around 5th May and our masons immediately started to complete a missing lower strip of plaster at the north and west walls. It took several days including night shifts. When this work was finished we started with cleaning the sediment soil which is getting deposited at the bottom of Talab. Every monsoon brings new soil flushed down from agriculture fields and since last six years it was not cleaned out. This maintenance work will improve quality of new water which we hope to come soon with the monsoon rains of this year. If the sediment soil stays under the water then it undergoes anaerobic processes and its byproducts are decreasing the water quality. The cleaning works are currently going on and expected volume of all the soil to be cleaned away is 45 trucks (250 cubic meters). The soil is carried into our orchard of gunda trees (Cordia dichotoma) where it will help their nourishment.

empty talabempty talab 2talab plaster maintenance

night maintenanceplaster maintenancetalab walls

empty talabsoil removalloading soil

talab crainloading trucktree soil

The only remaining water inside of the Talab is in a square place located below the pumping station in North-West corner. It is one meter deeper than the rest of Talab floor. At present it became the last refuge for hundreds of frogs and fish which we did not rescued earlier. Also the turtles find their abode there.

talab poolfrogs in poolfrogs in pool

Since Saturday also Jadan students have helped with the cleaning of sediment soil from Talab before and after their daily routine. It will take 1 week to finish it.

students talab cleaning 3students talab cleaning 2students talab cleaning 1

students talab cleaning 4students talab cleaning 6students talab cleaning 5

talab tue 29talab tue 29 IIItalab tue 29 II