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The Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the Om Ashram was truly a global affair, graced by dignitaries and representatives from over 30 countries spanning the continents.

At the heart of the ceremony stood the esteemed Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Bhajan Lal Sharma Ji, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. His presence, alongside the revered Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Ji, marked a momentous beginning for the Ashram, symbolizing unity, peace, and spiritual harmony on a global scale.

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Guru of The Rajpurohit Society shows respect to Vishwaguruji

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Pran Pratishta of Dvadash Jyotirling

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Vishwaguruji 'waking up' Nandi Maharaj

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Putting the cap on the Kalash is the final step in the opening ceremony

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The arrival of the Chief Minister

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The Honourable Chief Minister pays his respect to Hindu Dharm Samrath Paramhans Swami Madhawananda Ji Maharaj, the guru of Vishwaguruji.

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Shri Bhajan Lal Sharma, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan

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On the illustrious day of February 19, 2024, a magnificent event unfolded at the OM Ashram, nestled in the serene landscapes of Jadan, Rajasthan, India. With great splendour and reverence, the doors of this sacred sanctuary swung open, marking its grand inauguration.

A multitude of over one hundred fifty thousand esteemed guests from across India, alongside a distinguished gathering of more than 1200 esteemed visitors hailing from over 30 nations, graced this momentous occasion with their presence.

The OM Ashram, an architectural marvel intricately crafted in the form of the Sanskrit letter OM, stood as a testament to human ingenuity and spiritual devotion. Its awe-inspiring design, crowned by a resplendent Shiva Temple, beckoned forth admiration from all who beheld its magnificence.

Moreover, within the hallowed halls of this divine edifice, the sanctity of the Samadhi hall dedicated to the revered Hindu Dharmsamrat Paramhans Sri Swami Madhavanandaji infused the atmosphere with profound reverence and spiritual fervour.

Guided by the luminous presence of Vishwaguruji and other esteemed spiritual leaders, the gathering was enveloped in an aura of tranquillity and spiritual enlightenment, compelling each participant to become an integral part of this sacred moment in time.

The festivities unfolded over the course of ten enchanting days, brimming with the timeless allure of ancient Vedic ceremonies, captivating cultural performances, and the melodious strains of renowned singers and dancers hailing from both the vibrant heartlands of India and the enchanting realms of Europe.

A magnificent concert hall, purpose-built with meticulous attention to detail and boasting a seating capacity of 3,000, served as the centrepiece for this grand celebration. Within its hallowed confines, attendees were treated to a sensory feast of sights and sounds that stirred the soul and uplifted the spirit.

Under the gentle embrace of the sun's warm rays, participants immersed themselves in the soul-stirring recitations of the Maha Siva Purana, eloquently delivered by the venerable Mahamandaleshwar Swami Chidambaranand Saraswati Ji Maharaj. As dusk descended upon the horizon, the air became alive with the jubilant melodies of traditional Indian music, filling hearts with joy and exuberance.

A moment of true delight awaited as the ethereal artistry of Bharatanatyam, a sacred Indian dance form, was gracefully presented by Bhaktideví from the Czech Republic. This captivating performance served as a poignant reminder of the deep reverence and admiration that practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life hold for the rich tapestry of Indian tradition, transcending borders and cultures with its timeless beauty.

Amidst the radiant ambiance of camaraderie and goodwill, a constellation of esteemed guests graced the stage, their voices resonating with profound wisdom and heartfelt inspiration as they extolled the significance of the OM Ashram in fostering unity among people worldwide, nurturing spirituality, and cultivating love and peace.

The air within the hall was imbued with a palpable sense of harmony and mutual respect, as Indian and Western attendees mingled effortlessly, their spirits united in a shared journey towards enlightenment and understanding.

At the heart of the opening ceremony lay the sacred rituals of ancient Vedic ceremonies, meticulously orchestrated within the sacred confines of the Yagya Hall. Guided by learned pandits, these ceremonies unfolded in accordance with time-honored Vedic traditions, invoking blessings of peace, happiness, and prosperity upon all beings – humans, animals, and the very essence of nature itself. With each ritual, the divine cosmic energy was beckoned forth, infusing the OM Ashram with its transcendent grace.

Furthermore, the installation of six resplendent gold-plated Kalashes atop the towering spires of the OM Ashram temples, accompanied by the unfurling of a majestic flag bearing the sacred OM symbol upon the Shiva Temple, served as poignant reminders of the eternal bond between the earthly and the divine.

In a gesture of boundless generosity and compassion, over 150,000 nourishing meals were lovingly distributed to the cherished visitors of the OM Ashram throughout the course of these ten transformative days, nourishing not only the body but also the spirit with the warmth of communal fellowship and shared humanity.

As the sun gracefully descended on the horizon, casting its golden hues upon the sacred grounds, the tenth day dawned with an air of profound significance. Within the hallowed sanctum of the Shiva Temple, adorned by the presence of learned pandits and revered spiritual leaders, a timeless ritual known as Pran Pratishtha unfolded with solemn reverence. Led by the enlightened guidance of Vishwaguruji and esteemed luminaries of India's spiritual realm, this ceremony imbued the temple with divine essence, sanctifying it as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and symbolic resonance.

Simultaneously, a symbolic gesture of completion transpired as special caps were delicately placed atop each of the six Kalashes adorning the OM Ashram, symbolizing the culmination of a profound spiritual journey and the harmonious fusion of earthly and celestial realms.

Among the illustrious guests gracing this momentous occasion were dignitaries such as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Bhajanlal Sharma, and the esteemed Maharaja Marwar of Jodhpur, His Highness Gad Ji Singh Sahib, alongside revered figures representing diverse facets of social, cultural, religious, and spiritual life. Their presence lent an aura of grandeur and significance to the auspicious proceedings, reaffirming OM Ashram's role as a unifying force transcending boundaries and beliefs.

In a heartfelt address concluding the opening ceremony, Vishvaguruji articulated a vision of inclusivity and boundless compassion, proclaiming the OM Ashram as a sanctuary for all humanity. With unwavering dedication, he expressed his fervent hope that every soul crossing its threshold would find solace and inspiration, departing enriched with the gifts of happiness, love, wisdom, peace, and contentment.

With its doors flung wide open, the OM Ashram beckons to all seekers of truth and beauty – whether drawn by the allure of its timeless Indian temple architecture, embarking on a spiritual pilgrimage, or seeking purpose in the service of others. Within its sacred embrace, all are welcomed as cherished guests, invited to partake in the transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

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