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Vishwaguruji at Om Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Gausala

Each and every living being is the Light of God, and needs love and care! - Vishwaguruji


 "Love each and every living being at least as much as you love yourself." - this teaching is the essence of Sri Mahaprabhuji's message to mankind.

"To love" means: to understand, forgive, help, give. All living beings, humans and animals, are children of the Lord and a part of Him.

Throughout his life, Vishwaguruji's work has been concentrated on following this guruvakya from Mahaprabhuji. By initiating many humanitarian projects in India and around the world, Vishwaguruji reminds us that 'humanitarian' doesn't only mean helping humans; it means that by being a human we should give help to all creatures, as the intelligent, compassionate caretakers of this planet that we are.

Therefore as well as projects directly helping people, Vishwaguruji has created and inspired several Gausalas - safe sanctuaries for sick and neglected cows, horses and other animals; and has begun the projects Plant the Trees and Save the Birds to protect habitats for birds, bees and other wildlife.

Whenever he finds time whilst travelling the world to bring guidance and inspiration to all, Gurudev is delighted to show his affection to animals in need.