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Vishwaguruji visits Om Ashram

As Om Ashram construction is entering the final stages and a predicted opening ceremony date nearing, Vishwaguruji's presence and detailed guidance on site is essential. Therefore we were very blessed by Gurudev's unexpected 5-day visit in mid-June.

It started with an opening ceremony for the turning lane being made to enable Ashram visitors who will travel by vehicle, the space to safely enter and exit National Highway 162, which passes by the Om Ashram.

A future bus stand and other facilities for pilgrims and visitors were discussed, such as safe and cool drinking water, a sanitation network and other facilities.

Highway entry opening 1

Highway entry opening 2

Vishwaguruji personally inspected progress of works at the Shiva Mandir (Temple) and other areas in Om Ashram. Numerous meetings and briefings were held to plan further rainwater harvesting options, water purification systems, and hospitality services.

Satsang Darshan
Weather conditions on site were very harsh, with scorching sun, temperatures rising above 48 degrees, and almost 24 hours per day constant hot winds carrying lots of sand in the air. Vishwaguruji's darshan, satsangs and presence brought a much-needed breeze of fresh new energy and inspiration to all Ashram residents, karma yogis and workers.

Vishwaguruji in Om Ashram

With blessings of Om Sri Alakhpuriji Siddhapeeth Parampara, Vishwaguruji arranged and distributed bright yellow raincoats to labourers and volunteers from all over the world, who have dedicated their time and seva (selfless service) to charitable projects in Om Ashram and other parts of Rajasthan.

The raincoats were donated by Venkateswaran and Bette from the USA and will also be given at the beginning of the new school session to village children and students of schools in Jadan, Kacharas and Khatu.

The rainy season in Rajasthan is usually short but torrential, and proper raincoats will enable school children and workers to continue their daily activities during monsoon showers.

Raincoats labour 1

Raincoats labour 2

Raincoats karma yogis

On the way to the airport, Vishwaguruji was welcomed by devotees in Jodhpur.

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