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Visiting Ahrams in Jodhpur Area

On Monday, 23rd April 2012, our Satagurudev H.H. MM Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandji went along with MM Swami Jasraj Puriji and many of his sannyasins as well as other Jadan Ashram students to visit two ashrams in the Jodhpur area. Swamiji was invited there to initiate special occasions.

The first one was Padmawati Tirth Chandan Vatika, established by a Jain sadhvi Chandra Prabha Maa near the village Salawas at the outskirts of Jodhpur. On the occasion of her 50th birthday which is celebrated these days she organized an opening ceremony of newly constructed parts of her ashram – a Temple and a Murti Parikrama of 108 statues of Divine Mother in the form of Padmawati Mata. She requested Swamiji to give His blessings for the initiation of this celebration.

Swami Maheshwarananda at Padmawati Tirth Chandan VatikaSwami Maheshwarananda and sadhvi Chandra Prabha MaaSwami Maheshwarananda and sadhvi Chandra Prabha Maa

The second visit was to a large ashram complex Brahma Dham in the village Ashotra in the desert region around the town of Balotra, 100 km southwest of Jodhpur. This ashram is special because it has a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, one of few rare Brahma temples in the world. Swamiji’s good friend and a great mahatma Tulsa Ramji Maharaj prepared a big celebration on the occasion of the 100th birthday anniversary of his Gurudev Kheta Ramji Maharaj. Swamiji was invited there to initiate a one-week celebration which will be attended by hundreds of thousands of devotees. It was commenced by the Brahma Atmak Maha Yagya with 108 fireplaces and, simultaneously, with the Yagya Pavit where 1100 boys participated in the ceremony of receiving the sacred thread symbolizing the transference of spiritual knowledge and began chanting 110 million repetitions of Brahma Maha Mantra. Both these fire ceremonies were started after Swamiji and Tulsa Ramji walked together through the yagyashalas and gave their blessings.

Swami Maheshwarananda at Brahma DhamSwami Maheshwarananda at Brahma TempleYagya Pavit Boys

Vishwaguru Maheshwarananda and mahatma Tulsa Ramji MaharajVishwaguru Maheshwarananda and mahatma Tulsa Ramji MaharajVishwaguru Maheshwarananda and mahatma Tulsa Ramji Maharaj

When we returned to Jadan after a 12-hour journey, Swamiji gave a very beautiful and a most inspiring satsang about Guru – disciple relationship and confidence towards Guru, read here.

Swami Niranjanpuri