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Protection of the cows is not a new concept. We can find a written text which describes and gives a special value to the cow. The following sukta is taken from the Atharva Veda describing the Cosmic form of an ox and a cow. Their quality is sattvic – pure, nourishing, life-giving. They are intelligent and alert, yet by nature they are relaxed. This beautiful hymn glorifies cows in an amazing way.


It is important to understand that these Vedic verses were written more than 5000 years ago. Even in that time, people were trying to protect cows by assigning them amazing Cosmic form. One can only wonder – if at that time people were protecting the cows, can we not also do so today?


अथर्वेद ९ काण्ड-७ सूक्त

(ऋषि: ब्रह्मा । देवता गौ:)




Extolling the Virtues of the Cow


Cow showing the gods and goddesses 


प्रजापतिश्च परमेष्ठी च शृङ्गे इन्द्र: शिरो अग्निर्ललाटं यम: कृकाटम् ॥१॥

सोमो राजा मस्तिष्को द्यौरुत्तरहनु: पृथिव्यधरहनु:॥२॥

विद्युज्जिह्वा मरुतो दंता रेवतीर्ग्रीवा: कृत्तिका स्कन्धा धर्मो वह:॥३॥

विश्वं वायु: स्वर्गो लोक: कृष्णद्रं विधरणी निवेष्य: ॥४॥

prajāpatiśca paramēṣṭhī ca śṛṅgē indraḥ śirō agnirlalāṭam yamaḥ kṛkāṭam ||1||

sōmō rājā mastiṣkō dyauruttarahanuḥ pṛthivyadharahanuḥ ||2||

vidyujjihvā marutō dantā rēvatīrgrīvāḥ kṛttikā skandhā dharmō vahaḥ ||3||

viśvam vāyuḥ svargō lōkaḥ kṛṣṇadram vidharaṇī nivēṣyaḥ ||4||

Prajāpati and the most exalted one are the two horns; Indra the head; Agni the forehead; Yama the neck joint. ||1||

Moon is the brain; the sky the upper jaw; the earth the lower jaw. ||2||

Lightning is the tongue; the Maruts the teeth; the Revatī the neck; the Kṛikā the shoulders; the Sun the withers. ||3||

Vāyu is all the limbs; the heavenly world its abode; the spinal cord is Rudra. ||4||



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