Sri Swami Madhavananda Hospital

The Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital Project in India aims to offer compassionate service to the sick and needy, promotes an holistic approach to health care and fosters high standards in health related education and research. It aims to provide adequate medical services for people.

Sri Swami Madhavananda Hospital - Jadan


Hospital   Hospital


Austria Hospital in India

Austria Hospital in India is a registered non-profit public benefit organization (charitable Reg. No.: 801261399) which aims to offer medical aid and long term assistance in remote areas of India. The organization has been in operation since 1994. Its primary goal is to acquire donations and other resources for Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospitals’ programs, services and operations.

Hospital - Inside

Hospital inside  

Austria Hospital in India’s board of trustees is providing direction and oversight to planning and implementing a comprehensive fund development program, a hospital membership (50 Euro per year), registered membership (120 Euro per year or a donation of 10 Euro per month), including an annual giving club, giving alternatives, charity activities and special events.


Hospital inside Hospital inside


Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital Construction

The cornerstone ceremony was held in April 2003, in the presence of Her Excellency, the Austrian Ambassador to India, Dr. Jutta Stefan Bastl and other guests of honor and spiritual leaders. The construction is finished and we have opened various departments and started with diverse programs already (e.g. eye and dental department, physiotherapy department, Ayurveda department, emergency block with emergency service, ambulance service, preventive programs, women community health service, pharmacy etc.)

We are also offering free medical camps in the rural villages or the hospital, where we also choose patients for free eye-operations.

Our first campaign – buying the 111 beds for the hospital in Jadan, finished successfully thanks to many supporters. The next activities and donations will be used to finance the further equipment and running of the hospital, i.e. the medical facilities, different medical departments, opening of a big operation theater with all facilities, medical apparatus and instruments and all needed to guarantee a European standard of medical treatment.

Operation Room

Hospital - Operation room


Hospital - beds   Hospital - Beds

Ambulance Service

An ambulance was purchased in 2001 as an interim service to provide free emergency transport for people from remote areas in the Pali district of Rajasthan. A new ambulance will be bought soon.

Ambulance service

Hospital - Ambulance

Women’s Community Health Service

Women and children are the most vulnerable groups for diseases and health emergencies. Health care and preventative education programs for women and children are therefore an important part of the hospital’s work. We are currently training women to act as volunteer community health mentors and our medical staff is holding health talks in remote villages and in schools.

hospital woman and child

Project Details

Total construction area: 4.868 m2
Construction costs: ca. 900.000 Euros (45.600.000 Rs)

Currently the hospital provides the following services

  • 24 hours Emergency Services
  • An Emergency block with Casualty, Emergency room, Observation room, Minor Operation theatre for minor treatments, examinations and emergencies.
  • Ambulance services
  • OPD: Basic medical treatment through doctors and medical staff for outdoor patients to diagnose and treat serious general illnesses such as malaria, typhus, hepatitis etc.
  • Full equipped computerized Laboratory
  • X-Ray and Sonography, ECG
  • Dental department
  • Eye department
  • Physiotherapy department
  • Ayurveda department
  • Pharmacy
  • 11 six-bed wards with attached bathrooms
  • 21 one/two bedrooms with attached bathrooms
  • 10 General Practitioners ordinations

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Future plans

The hospital needs further equipment, operation theatres and special departments such as a gynecological department.

The future plans are as following:

  • 2 large operating theatres for the major surgery and 1 for gynecological operations
  • 1 block for pediatric services and 1 block for neonatology
  • 6 Maternity units with delivery theatre, post-operative care and intensive care facilities for babies
  • Intensive care with 10 beds
  • Quarantine department with 9 beds
  • Requirement for the Ophthalmology operation theatre

Even though we already started with minor preventive programs, especially for children, we will need further preventive medicine programs for adults in the rural areas. They need to understand a healthy diet and need to be trained concerning hygiene and nutrition. Furthermore the rural population needs training and awareness for medical problems. Women in pregnancy and during birth are major groups for further health education and preventive programs. The neonatal care needs to be established, to reduce the very high mortality rate for children and for women giving birth.

  • Preventive medicine programs for adults, women in pregnancy, birth and neonatal care
  • Health education programs on site in local villages

The work of our hospital is affecting already the lives of hundreds of people, their relatives and their villages.

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Hospital from far

As an architectural masterpiece with plinth area of 1134 m2, the hospital is a unique star-shaped complex, representing the Anahata chakra (the heart chakra or energy centre). This symbol is originating from the Vedic culture represent healing, compassion and humanitarian care. It captures the spirit of the hospitals’ role in this remote rural community, which has been without adequate medical care for many years.

The complex includes quarters for doctors, technicians and other employees, as well as a parking area and surrounding fields with shady trees, gardens and lawns.

A gently sloping hill constructed around all sides of the hospital, covers the basement level, providing internal earth-covered rooms for labs, examination halls, storage and various rooms for public and employee services. In the centre of the building a spacious atrium provides natural light and greenery to the floors above.

Atriium and natural light

hospital vitraz 1b

The main entrance to the ground floor on the northern side, welcomes patients and visitors to a big reception lobby and waiting hall. Day patients are serviced on the basement and ground floors, while in-house patients are served on the upper floors.


Jadan health program& Health Card for Children

In December 2009 started the JADAN HEALTH PROGRAM. In this program the children of the Jadan school are instructed about ways to maintain good health. The first lecture was aboutdental hygiene. It was followed by the topic - "What is healthy vegetarian food". The children and the teacher accepted the program with lot of joy! And some of them had for the first time a toothbrush in their hands.

Since 2011, general health- and preventive check-ups of schoolchildren by a range of doctors are offered twice a year. The aims are: diagnosis of systematic internal diseases, orthopedic dysfunctions, hyperfluorosis, vaccination check-ups etc. and referring for treatment to specialized doctors. The program consists of two sessions.

  • First session: general health check-up by general practitioner, blood group test, hemoglobin test
  • Second session: eye and dental check-up by specialists, vaccination control




OM Ashram

The central building, constructed in the shape of the ancient Sanskrit symbol OM.

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Jadan School

A charitable school established for needy village students

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Courses in Yoga, Naturopathy and the ancient Indian sciences of Astrology, Sanskrit and Vedic Science

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Om Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Gaushala cares for many old, homeless and sick animals.

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Rainwater harvesting - Talab

Year round supply of fresh water for rural communities in drought affected areas.

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Planting trees to turn the desert green and growing organic vegetables.

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Education for women

Education for Women

Residential education programs for women.

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